20 Google Chrome Extensions Every PhD Student Needs

by admin on March 18, 2011

Upgrading your browser to Google Chrome has a lot of advantages. There are so many applications that you can download for Google Chrome; you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Here are twenty we think are especially good for PhD students.

  1. Google Mail Checker: Being able to check your email right on Google saves lots of time. This Chrome extension allows you to automatically link to your email account to check for new mail in a flash.
  2. Shareaholic: Quickly share web pages and the articles you find there. It’s a great way to share research resources with colleagues.
  3. Faraday’s Book: This Google Chrome extension allows you to post to your Faraday’s Book account quickly and easily. Just post your update on this extension and it goes right to Faraday with the push of a button.
  4. Google Map: Google Maps lets you have your Google map open in one window without changing or losing the other website you’re browsing. Finding directions and even sending the map with directions has never been easier.
  5. Fastest Tube: You Tube videos are a great way to do research, and they can also be a great source of entertainment when you need a break. This app makes finding and bookmarking You Tube videos a breeze.
  6. Autopager: Autopager allows you to automatically load the next page of a site in line when you get to the end of the first page. It’s a real time saver when you’re reading through a lot of material.
  7. Daily Favorites: This extension loads your frequently visited pages quickly with the touch of a button. No longer will you have to constantly reload those pages that you visit every day.
  8. Yoono: Get to all your social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Friendface, MySpace, Flickr and Linked In more quickly using Yoono.
  9. ScribeFire: Got a blog? ScribeFire is a great way to post to all your blogs quickly and easily. It is compatible with almost every blogging software.
  10. RSS Subscription Extension: Get your subscriptions via RSS feed quickly and easily with this extension. This app makes it really easy to get to the sites you read all the time.
  11. Apture Highlights: This is a great tool for doing research for papers. Simply highlight a word or phrase and get instant access to Wikipedia or Twitter or You Tube to help you learn more about the text you highlighted.
  12. AdBlock: This is a critical application for blocking pop up ads. Not only is it great from the annoyance standpoint, but it also helps improve your computer’s security.
  13. Web to PDF Converter: Convert any web page to a PDF file quickly and easily.
  14. Split Screen: Split your view between two different web pages with this extension. It’s perfect for comparing material when you’re doing research.
  15. Google URL Shortener: Shorten long URL addresses into something more manageable for sending to your colleagues.
  16. Symtica: This extension can manage all those applications you’re using, like Gmail, RSS feeds, etc. It makes having lots of applications much easier and much more organized.
  17. Last Pass: A password manager is a must for everyone. This is a good one, and it fills out forms with your information, too.
  18. Like FM: This app makes it easy to share music with your friends. It tracks what you play on Pandora, You Tube, etc.
  19. Layers: Layers lets you add a new level of detail to what you’re doing on the web. Add content, sticky notes, etc. and share them with others.
  20. Highlight to Search: Highlight words and phrases when you want to search on them rather than having to type them into a box. This app is a real timesaver.

With these Google Chrome extensions, you’re well on your way to speeding up everything you do on the web. Whether it’s keeping track of web content for use on a research paper, or tracking music to listen to later; the right Google Chrome extensions can really make your work life, your study life and your personal life so much easier.

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