15 Reasons to Earn Your PhD Online

by admin on November 16, 2011

With the economy in a down turn, many professionals and college graduates have put extra thought into getting a PhD online. There are many reasons to do so from the extra earning power to the increased knowledge. But did you know that there are many other reasons to do so?

In fact, we were able to find 15 reasons to earn your PhD online. They include everything from salary for PhDs to how to find scholarships to help pay for it all. So before you make any decisions regarding your higher education, have a look at the below. [click to continue…]

Why are you thinking about obtaining a PhD degree? How will you fund this goal? How will you make it through your PhD program? What will you do when you graduate? All these questions have been answered from different perspectives below. The following list contains pros and cons to obtaining a doctoral degree, and a few answers to the questions listed above are satirical or downright bitter. It seems certain — that if you want to pursue this highest form of education, then you must love what you’re doing and consider your doctorate a piece of your life’s work. [click to continue…]

Any student looking to get a PhD online can have loads of questions. Everything from program rankings, to scholarships and grants can have even the brightest of college graduates wondering which move to make next. If you can’t make it to your school’s counseling office every time you have a question, there are other options.

To prove it, we have gathered 20 must read web sites to help you survive your PhD program. They can answer the usual academic topics, as well as give advice on admissions, exams, graduation, and even finding a career after the PhD. [click to continue…]

If you want to improve your knowledge, and possibly boost your earning power, it can help to get a PhD. However, getting an advanced degree can be a lot of work. Becoming a successful graduate student requires time and effort, and you may have to do a great deal of work. Additionally the work itself is harder. After all, you are attempting to become an expert on a subject.

Even after all of this hard work, though, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a good job, even with a Master’s degree or PhD. Sometimes it helps to make connections and meet other people. If you are interested in finding support for your tie in grad school, as well as making connections that can help you land a job later, you might want to participate in some of these 25 useful networking sites for grad students:

[click to continue…]

Upgrading your browser to Google Chrome has a lot of advantages. There are so many applications that you can download for Google Chrome; you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Here are twenty we think are especially good for PhD students.

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You might think the title for this article is a joke — after all, who has time to read extraneous writings during grad school? But, you might be glad that you glanced through this list of the top 50 blogs every graduate student should read, and to bookmark a few of them for your sanity, for tools to help you study and stay tech-savvy, and for financial reasons. If nothing else, read Dr. Stearns’ modest advice to grad students and take it from there. [click to continue…]

19 Doctorate Students Worth a Follow on Twitter

by admin on November 09, 2010

If you’re pursuing your PhD, you no doubt want to keep up with others who are on the same path; particularly if they have some great innovations going on. Twitter is a great tool for this, since you can quickly and easily find out what’s going on with other doctoral candidates. Here are 19 we think it’s worth your time to follow.

  1. Barb G: Barbara Gibson of London has a lot going on. She is a PhD student in intercultural communication and is also a social media coach, trainer and consultant.
  2. Anne Marie Cunningham: Anne Marie is a GP, Clinical Lecturer and an EdD student. She professes to be interested in “everything”.
  3. Chris Cuthbertson: Cris Cuthbertson lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a General surgery registrar as well as a PhD student. She also happens to be a mom of three. Not sure how this one has time to tweet, but she does.
  4. Michael Atlman: Michael Altman is a doctoral student at Emory University in Atlanta. He is a PhD candidate in American Religious Cultures with a focus on 19th century religion. He also blogs about religion.
  5. David Zenati-Parsons: David Zenati-Parsons is a former engineer who is now pursuing a PhD in media law. He lives in Wales, is a father of two and is also an aspiring fiction writer.
  6. Andrew Eglinton: Andrew Eglinton lives in London and is a PhD student in Documentary Theatre. He also runs the London Theatre Blog, a group authored blog that can keep you up to date on the London theatre scene.
  7. Science PhD: This science PhD student is studying wetland science and the carbon market. He is formerly a journalist. With his three interests combined, he should have lots of inspiration on helping our environment.
  8. Colin Segovis: Colin Segovis is a student at the Mayo Clinic in New York. He is an MD-PhD student in biology.
  9. Nathan Yau: Nathan Yau is pursuing a PhD in statistics.
  10. Cassillia: Cassillia is Austrian, but is studying for a PhD in Educational Technology in Canada.
  11. HRWiltse: This PhD student is studying at Indiana University studying informatics. She says she is also an aspiring philosopher and a foodie.
  12. Neha Nerula: Neha is a PhD student at MIT in Cambridge, MA. She is also a software engineer for Google whose expertise is in scaling web applications and platforms on the internet.
  13. Wolfgang Reinhardt: Wolfgang Reinhardt is a PhD student at the University of Paderborn in Germany. He is also the CEO of UMITS, a German company dedicated to solving the IT problems of its customers.
  14. Sophia Liu: Liu is a PhD student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is studying Technology, Media and Society. She is also interested in tribal dance.
  15. Luca Forcum: Luca Forcum is a PhD student at the University of Indiana at Bloomington. She is a writer, editor and marketing and PR freelance guru. She is studying consumer behavior.
  16. Rachel Sullivan: Rachel Sullivan just started her PhD program at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. She is studying English.
  17. Laura Paquini: Laura Pasquini is a PhD student in academia, located in Texas. She is interested in educational technology and student affairs.
  18. Andrea Tavchar: Andrea Tavchar is a professor at Humber University teaching Public Relations. She is also working on her PhD at the University of Toronto in youth literacy and social media.
  19. Jaclyn Selby: Jaclyn Selby is a PhD student at USC Annenberg. She is interested in global media and technology policy.

Of course, there are other interesting doctoral students out there that didn’t make the list. As you scope out Twitter, you’re sure to find others; perhaps some studying in the same field you’re in. Twitter is one of the best ways to connect, especially for people who are really busy. Tweets are short and to the point, yet able to convey a wealth of information. You’re sure to enjoy following these and other doctoral students as you work on your own PhD. And, don’t forget to tweet your own academic adventures. After all, you don’t know how many other doctoral candidates may be following you, too.

5 Weirdest P.h.D. Programs in the USA

by admin on March 06, 2010

Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, is interpreted as teacher of philosophy or alternatively, DPhil, Dr. Phil. is an advanced academic degree awarded by universities. In many English-speaking countries, the PhD is the highest degree that a person can earn and have to his discourse.    PhD is offered in the most common subjects to some strange topics and issues. Below are mentioned some of the strangest PhDs offered by different universities.

  1. Landscape architecture PHD: As offered by Edinburgh College of Art, it is a 36-96 months part time course.  Under this course research student are offered with core support course to train them in basic research skills and methodologies. It covers topic and issues like history of the discipline and development of a theoretical basis for practice; current research takes account of cultural diversity; perception of landscape and space; exploitation of new ways to enhance access and minimize barriers, etc.
  2. PHD in Pastoral Counseling: As offered by Liberty University this course in The PhD specialization in Pastoral Care and Counseling is different in its appeal and approach of combining Christian universal view of mixing up science and practice of contemporary behavioral sciences. This integrated approach is of special interest to individuals who wish to enhance their Christian perspective with contemporary scientific methodology and clinical techniques of the helping professions.
  3. Doctor of Psychology, Mental Health Administration Specialization: This doctoral program offered by University of Rockies evaluates, explains and defends the complexities of modern mental health delivery system in ever changing industry.  The curriculum of this PHD program prepares a student towards a career as an innovative leader in large mental health organizations.
  4. Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership: This PHD program is offered by The Chicago School of professional psychology and defines distinction of a manager and leader in organizational set up whether it is a large business or small entrepreneur unit. Offered online this is a post master’s program offered according to needs of busy working professionals.
  5. Advanced Topics in Sexual Issues: This doctoral level program offered by North Central University emphasizes on physiological, psychological and social cultural variables attached with sexual identity, psychological, cultural and biological aspects of human sexuality, involving an overview of psychosexual development, cultural and individual variations, gender identities and roles.

Online education is the medium of education that is free of any boundaries and let students to enjoy courseware free of any physical boundaries. Through online media one can learn course from the comfort of home. Below is provided list for some of the most popular online courses that teach subjects and programs for free without charging any fee.

Openlearningworld: It is an Open Learning e-learning portal that is designed for online courses. It is the first and the last stop towards in quest for free education, free studies for making one brighter, better educated and refined person. The courses at the college are completely free and do not require any registration.

Docnmail.com: This is another predominant site for free online education and learning that provide courses, online texts, educational stuff and educational gift ideas. This website provide free learning in Accounting, Business, Computers, Construction, Gardening, Language, Medicine, Sports, Web Design and many other topics.

Free- Ed.Net: It is an aggregator of educational resources that are available to students absolutely free without charging any money. It provides courses in a number of streams and subjects. And all the expenses of the project are covered through the donations and click through advertising.

MIT OpenCourseWare:  It is a web based publication of all MIT course content that is provided for free. It is an entirely MIT activity. It is a free course from MIT that does not provide any degrees or certification. It even not provides access to MIT faculty and its materials even not provide entire content of the course.   Neither there is any enrollment for MIT courseware as it is completely free and provided without charging any credit.

The Open University of London: It is one of the most premier educational institutes of the United Kingdom and has ultra modern online open course ware. It offers a number of good courses in openware stream of Mathematics and Statistics, Modern Languages, arts and history, business management, education, health, IT and other sector and areas.

Carnegie Mellon University: This free online course provided by the Carnegie Mellon University is famed as a very big open learning initiative. It has very intelligent tutoring systems, virtual laboratories, simulations on topics and subjects like biology, chemistry, engineering, logic and proofs, visual communication designs and on.

Tufts University: On patter same like as MIT, Tufts University provides free online course for a number of subjects like dental medicine, medicine, nutrition, science and arts. Courses provided by Tufts are completely free and are provided without any registration. However tufts do not provide any certification, diploma or degree.

7 Awesome Social Media Sites for Academics

by admin on November 20, 2009

Sometimes, you feel it difficult to get with your studies as you completely go without ideas then in such an adverse circumstance you feel it indeed very necessary to get into touch with any social media sites so you could get suggestions from that social media sites.  There are many a good numbers of college networking sites that are even on the rise with each and every passing day. Below is provided the list of most popular social media sites which are quite popular among students for a good number of reasons including features and chance in the website to get involve with.

Box.net: This website is mutually developed organized and shared by a number of colleges who collaborate and share information for being socialize with other academicians and college students. Here, for enhancing the purpose of teaching the website has included Zoho for editing, facebook for sharing files with friends and picnic to edit photo and many other services. Thought it is not a free social networking site yet is worthy to be paid for.

Campusbug: It is a very helpful website for teachers as well as their students who get themselves to be trapped within the nuisance of language. At the site one can submit questions for answers, to formulate a study group, to organize research format bibliographies, chat, and create flashcards or just waste away the day with games.

Carmun: This website is very helpful if you wish to create a study group by yourself to create a bibliography for thesis and research paper. This website let users to save online sources and URLs, insert footnotes, format bibliography and works with over 200 colleges and university libraries to make your search easy and conceivable.

Evernote: It is a very simple website where you can snag notes, images and information for an easy reference. More you can catch up information by phone or e-mail on the site. Evernote can automatically process, index and all information searchable for you. More you can keep your information private and can share it with others.

Librarything: This is an awesome catalog of books where nearly books from 690 world libraries are kept and one can join it for free for $25 per lifetime membership. This is a very helpful website for study materials as well as addiction.

Brand-Yourself: This website is for college entrepreneurs who desire to make a mark into the business market and achieve success in their selected field of industries. Here one can have all the best ideas to start their business from a number of thought as preserved at this website.

Brazen Careerist: Somewhere on the pattern of LukedIn this website helps students to connect with each other. This website helps a student to grow himself for personal identity and to create a foundation for personal success.