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December 2009

Online education is the medium of education that is free of any boundaries and let students to enjoy courseware free of any physical boundaries. Through online media one can learn course from the comfort of home. Below is provided list for some of the most popular online courses that teach subjects and programs for free without charging any fee.

Openlearningworld: It is an Open Learning e-learning portal that is designed for online courses. It is the first and the last stop towards in quest for free education, free studies for making one brighter, better educated and refined person. The courses at the college are completely free and do not require any registration. This is another predominant site for free online education and learning that provide courses, online texts, educational stuff and educational gift ideas. This website provide free learning in Accounting, Business, Computers, Construction, Gardening, Language, Medicine, Sports, Web Design and many other topics.

Free- Ed.Net: It is an aggregator of educational resources that are available to students absolutely free without charging any money. It provides courses in a number of streams and subjects. And all the expenses of the project are covered through the donations and click through advertising.

MIT OpenCourseWare:  It is a web based publication of all MIT course content that is provided for free. It is an entirely MIT activity. It is a free course from MIT that does not provide any degrees or certification. It even not provides access to MIT faculty and its materials even not provide entire content of the course.   Neither there is any enrollment for MIT courseware as it is completely free and provided without charging any credit.

The Open University of London: It is one of the most premier educational institutes of the United Kingdom and has ultra modern online open course ware. It offers a number of good courses in openware stream of Mathematics and Statistics, Modern Languages, arts and history, business management, education, health, IT and other sector and areas.

Carnegie Mellon University: This free online course provided by the Carnegie Mellon University is famed as a very big open learning initiative. It has very intelligent tutoring systems, virtual laboratories, simulations on topics and subjects like biology, chemistry, engineering, logic and proofs, visual communication designs and on.

Tufts University: On patter same like as MIT, Tufts University provides free online course for a number of subjects like dental medicine, medicine, nutrition, science and arts. Courses provided by Tufts are completely free and are provided without any registration. However tufts do not provide any certification, diploma or degree.