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March 2010

5 Weirdest P.h.D. Programs in the USA

by admin on March 06, 2010

Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, is interpreted as teacher of philosophy or alternatively, DPhil, Dr. Phil. is an advanced academic degree awarded by universities. In many English-speaking countries, the PhD is the highest degree that a person can earn and have to his discourse.    PhD is offered in the most common subjects to some strange topics and issues. Below are mentioned some of the strangest PhDs offered by different universities.

  1. Landscape architecture PHD: As offered by Edinburgh College of Art, it is a 36-96 months part time course.  Under this course research student are offered with core support course to train them in basic research skills and methodologies. It covers topic and issues like history of the discipline and development of a theoretical basis for practice; current research takes account of cultural diversity; perception of landscape and space; exploitation of new ways to enhance access and minimize barriers, etc.
  2. PHD in Pastoral Counseling: As offered by Liberty University this course in The PhD specialization in Pastoral Care and Counseling is different in its appeal and approach of combining Christian universal view of mixing up science and practice of contemporary behavioral sciences. This integrated approach is of special interest to individuals who wish to enhance their Christian perspective with contemporary scientific methodology and clinical techniques of the helping professions.
  3. Doctor of Psychology, Mental Health Administration Specialization: This doctoral program offered by University of Rockies evaluates, explains and defends the complexities of modern mental health delivery system in ever changing industry.  The curriculum of this PHD program prepares a student towards a career as an innovative leader in large mental health organizations.
  4. Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership: This PHD program is offered by The Chicago School of professional psychology and defines distinction of a manager and leader in organizational set up whether it is a large business or small entrepreneur unit. Offered online this is a post master’s program offered according to needs of busy working professionals.
  5. Advanced Topics in Sexual Issues: This doctoral level program offered by North Central University emphasizes on physiological, psychological and social cultural variables attached with sexual identity, psychological, cultural and biological aspects of human sexuality, involving an overview of psychosexual development, cultural and individual variations, gender identities and roles.