15 Reasons to Earn Your PhD Online

by admin on November 16, 2011

With the economy in a down turn, many professionals and college graduates have put extra thought into getting a PhD online. There are many reasons to do so from the extra earning power to the increased knowledge. But did you know that there are many other reasons to do so?

In fact, we were able to find 15 reasons to earn your PhD online. They include everything from salary for PhDs to how to find scholarships to help pay for it all. So before you make any decisions regarding your higher education, have a look at the below.

  1. Salary
    Because they don’t call it a bottom line for nothing, average salary is one of the best reasons to get a PhD. In fact, the current average pay for those with a PhD according to Indeed.com is $93,000. Possible jobs include clinical statistician, academic writer, scientific director, and many others.
  2. The Savings
    With loads of PhD degrees costing well into the six-figure mark, online colleges can make more sense than ever. Online colleges can afford to charge less because they don’t have the same overhead, structure, etc. as traditional colleges. The blogger at College Education Cost has more on how to save with an online education.
  3. Accessibility
    With gasoline prices rising and traffic jams aplenty, the commuting reasons alone are enough to consider an online PhD. As reported on by “U.S. News,” over four million students have enrolled in an online classes to lighten their own load. The article also gives other benefits of an online degree.
  4. Requirements
    With many schools that offer a PhD having such high requirements and low acceptance rates, it can be difficult to get into the graduate school of your first, second, or even third choice. However, many online universities have looser requirements and unlimited class sizes so that getting in is easier than in a traditional school.
  5. The Pride
    The author of this article from Purdue shares that there are many downsides to getting a PhD. However, they end the article with how proud they are that they ultimately earned one. Other joys of the PhD are also shared.
  6. For Those Who Love School
    If learning is one of the greatest joys in your life, a PhD can be a second nature. Those studying for a PhD get to indulge in the highest form of learning in whichever subject they choose. Phil Agre of UCLA shares more on advice for undergraduates thinking about graduate school.
  7. For Teachers
    If you enjoyed college so much that you want to return as a teacher, the PhD is often the most common and required degree. However, those who have one and can make the cut can earn impressive pay as part of the faculty. In fact, the Collegiate Times has a database for the salaries of those working at public universities here.
  8. Research
    If you enjoy conducting research, the PhD may be the ideal degree for you. As shared by Jay Lemke of the University of Michigan, research is one of the best reasons to get a PhD. There is also some related advice.
  9. Easier Application
    If you want to get into a traditional graduate school, make some time for your application(s). The common application process involves admission essays, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and even GRE scores. Online schools tend to be more lax in their application process, which can save you loads of time.
  10. Everyone’s Doing It
    If you fear you may be the first going down this academic path, fear not. In fact, this article reported a 100 percent increase in the CyberEd program at the University of Massachusetts. The most popular courses were in IT.
  11. Individual Instruction
    One of the most common misperceptions about online school is that students don’t get one on one time with instructors. However, as reported on by eLearning 3.0, this is not the case. They even report that a “good online PhD program will employ instructors that you can reach via email or phone, and that will include question and answer sessions.”
  12. Flexibility
    Do you need to study in the hours when classes aren’t normally held? Many students, such as those who are working or who take care of children, have that same problem. Because an online PhD is done over the web, students can often view lectures, read notes, and complete assignments on their own time.
  13. Scholarships
    If you think scholarships are only available to traditional students, click here. The experts at Financial Aid Finder have this guide to scholarships for the online student. You can also find loads of tips for other forms of financial aid.
  14. The Humor
    PhDs often undergo a shared experience like no other, which results in humor only they understand. To prove it, there is even this popular comic strip aptly titled “Piled Higher and Deeper.” Stop by to check out the latest in PhD humor or even their top 200 strips.
  15. Ten More Reasons
    If the above aren’t enough, stop here. It is a top ten list of advantages to taking online classes from the Online Education Database. Lower classes, studying, and other reasons are listed.

Remember the above 15 reasons to earn your PhD online are just a starting point. When going for an online degree, it is important to learn as much as possible about the process before making a decision.

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