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15 Reasons to Earn Your PhD Online

by admin on November 16, 2011

With the economy in a down turn, many professionals and college graduates have put extra thought into getting a PhD online. There are many reasons to do so from the extra earning power to the increased knowledge. But did you know that there are many other reasons to do so?

In fact, we were able to find 15 reasons to earn your PhD online. They include everything from salary for PhDs to how to find scholarships to help pay for it all. So before you make any decisions regarding your higher education, have a look at the below. [click to continue…]

Why are you thinking about obtaining a PhD degree? How will you fund this goal? How will you make it through your PhD program? What will you do when you graduate? All these questions have been answered from different perspectives below. The following list contains pros and cons to obtaining a doctoral degree, and a few answers to the questions listed above are satirical or downright bitter. It seems certain — that if you want to pursue this highest form of education, then you must love what you’re doing and consider your doctorate a piece of your life’s work. [click to continue…]