20 Must-Read Web Sites to Help You Survive Your PhD Program

by admin on September 01, 2011

Any student looking to get a PhD online can have loads of questions. Everything from program rankings, to scholarships and grants can have even the brightest of college graduates wondering which move to make next. If you can’t make it to your school’s counseling office every time you have a question, there are other options.

To prove it, we have gathered 20 must read web sites to help you survive your PhD program. They can answer the usual academic topics, as well as give advice on admissions, exams, graduation, and even finding a career after the PhD.

General Must-Read Web Sites to Help You Survive Your PhD Program

Check out these sites to learn more about how to survive all sorts of PhD programs.

  1. PhDs.org
    This site specializes in graduate school rankings, jobs for PhDs, and other career resources. A popular stop, they rank nearly 20,000 PhD programs at over 2,200 universities. Other top resources include how to land an academic job and writing a great research paper.
  2. Postgraduate Forum
    Need to talk to someone else on the PhD journey? Then visit here for a massive array of discussion forums for the graduate student. Get options for PhD, master’s, and even post-doc students. There are even forums for those considering getting a PhD.
  3. Educause
    The community here has loads of constituent and discussion groups. There are options in topics such as policy and law, business schools, community colleges, and more. There are also blogs, initiatives, and other resources to be found.
  4. Academic Autocorrect
    Those who need a laugh or are taking their studies way too seriously should stop here. This humorous web site can help you survive your PhD program with jokes for students by students. In addition to checking out their 200 most popular strips, you can read the latest on the homepage which includes academic words smartphones spell incorrectly.
  5. PhD Info
    The tagline of this site is “connecting knowledge.” Do just that by having a look at which PhD is best for you and even do a search of schools. There are also sections for prospective students, graduates, employers, and universities.
  6. PhD Jobs
    If the thought of the job you will get when you graduate is getting you through studies, you may want to click here. The site has loads of jobs available especially to those who hold PhDs. In addition to listings and postings, they also have the top tips for PhDs looking for a job.
  7. Find a PhD
    Looking for doctorate studies in the UK or Europe? Then check out this site with loads of information on them. You can find research programs, doctoral training centers, and opportunities for just about every PhD student. They also have a forum with even more..
  8. The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Both university leaders and students turn to this publication for the latest in educational news and developments. They often feature the latest opinions and ideas, as well as facts and figures. A subscription is required to access some material.
  9. NYT Education
    Get the latest in educational headlines from “The New York Times” here. They have the latest in educational news, policy, and more. There are also loads of multimedia items and even a blog on the topic.
  10. The Student Affairs Collaborative
    These student bloggers know all about surviving for higher education studies. In fact, that is almost exclusively what they blog about. Stop by to read the latest posts on everything from office politics to how to get ready for another academic year.

Specialty Must-Read Web Sites to Help You Survive Your PhD Program

These sites focus on how to survive a specific aspect of the PhD program.

  1. About Graduate School
    Tara Kuther is a PhD and professor of psychology at Western Connecticut State University. Her expert blog for About.com is all about the highs and lows of graduate school. Must reads on the blog include “Graduate School Admissions 101” and “How to Get a Letter of Recommendation.”
  2. Tech Learning
    Getting your PhD online? Then stop here for an entire site devoted to online studies. There is an Ed Tech Ticker, blogs, contests, a forum, and much more. Be sure not to miss the Tips Column with loads of useful tips.
  3. Blog U
    These blogs are part of Inside Higher Ed. They have loads of news on the academic front, but the blogs are the best reason to visit. Seventeen choices include Confessions of a Community College Dean, Provost Prose, Reality Check, and many others. You can also find jobs, career advice, and more on the site.
  4. Dy/Dan
    He is a former math teacher who is currently studying for a PhD at Stanford. Check out how things are going with a read of his blog. In addition to math and education, he also blogs about technology.
  5. Education Index
    No matter which PhD you are studying for, chances are they have written all about it here. There are loads of entries on this site for before getting your degree, such as filling out applications and interviews. You can also get tips for surviving exams, writing papers, and even entry into specialty graduate programs.
  6. The PhD Project
    Visit here to get a PhD site especially for minority doctoral students. Both professors and their protégés participate to help each other survive the rigors of PhD studies. Check out their calendar of events, supporting organizations, and support for those considering or currently in a doctoral program.
  7. So Long, and Thanks for the PhD
    This PhD student earned a degree in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In this must read online paper, they outline a survival guide to earning the degree that is useful for any PhD student. It also offers tips for finding a job after the PhD.
  8. Business Schools
    If thinking about getting or are already in the process of getting a PhD in business, stop here. This must read guide to business schools is from the experts at Bloomberg and has rankings, profiles, and many other details on leading business schools. You can also read the latest news and expert advice right on the main page.
  9. Grad Share
    Need an answer to your PhD question fast? Then visit this community of all graduate students to begin. There are loads of questions to be read, as well as their answers. You can even browse by subject such as arts, business, education, science, and more.
  10. Big Think
    Still haven’t found a site that truly challenges you to think big? Then stop here for a site that promises just that. They have several expert blogs to choose from including Learning From the Past and Future Crimes.

And the above 20 must read web sites to help you survive your PhD program are just the beginning to questions on online PhD and doctorate degrees. If you have a question that isn’t answered by the above or you aren’t sure of the answer, consult the counseling offices at your current or prospective school for more information.

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