7 Awesome Social Media Sites for Academics

by admin on November 20, 2009

Sometimes, you feel it difficult to get with your studies as you completely go without ideas then in such an adverse circumstance you feel it indeed very necessary to get into touch with any social media sites so you could get suggestions from that social media sites.  There are many a good numbers of college networking sites that are even on the rise with each and every passing day. Below is provided the list of most popular social media sites which are quite popular among students for a good number of reasons including features and chance in the website to get involve with.

Box.net: This website is mutually developed organized and shared by a number of colleges who collaborate and share information for being socialize with other academicians and college students. Here, for enhancing the purpose of teaching the website has included Zoho for editing, facebook for sharing files with friends and picnic to edit photo and many other services. Thought it is not a free social networking site yet is worthy to be paid for.

Campusbug: It is a very helpful website for teachers as well as their students who get themselves to be trapped within the nuisance of language. At the site one can submit questions for answers, to formulate a study group, to organize research format bibliographies, chat, and create flashcards or just waste away the day with games.

Carmun: This website is very helpful if you wish to create a study group by yourself to create a bibliography for thesis and research paper. This website let users to save online sources and URLs, insert footnotes, format bibliography and works with over 200 colleges and university libraries to make your search easy and conceivable.

Evernote: It is a very simple website where you can snag notes, images and information for an easy reference. More you can catch up information by phone or e-mail on the site. Evernote can automatically process, index and all information searchable for you. More you can keep your information private and can share it with others.

Librarything: This is an awesome catalog of books where nearly books from 690 world libraries are kept and one can join it for free for $25 per lifetime membership. This is a very helpful website for study materials as well as addiction.

Brand-Yourself: This website is for college entrepreneurs who desire to make a mark into the business market and achieve success in their selected field of industries. Here one can have all the best ideas to start their business from a number of thought as preserved at this website.

Brazen Careerist: Somewhere on the pattern of LukedIn this website helps students to connect with each other. This website helps a student to grow himself for personal identity and to create a foundation for personal success.

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