Online PhD Program Rankings

Online PhD programs require just as much work as any traditional PhD programs. You’ll focus on research and teaching aspects in your given field, as well as learn advanced skills needed to work in this area. As the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing right. If you want to earn your PhD online, here are some of the top-ranked programs you can consider:

University of Phoenix

Before most colleges where even considering online classes, the University of Phoenix was seeking accreditation and offering a robust variety of programs for students. Today, thousands of students have graduated from this online school, including a number of students going through the school’s doctorate degree programs. Because they’re one of the oldest accredited, they have more web-based class experience than most other schools and are often better prepared to deal with student demands and ever-changing online learning challenges. They’re also one of the most flexible programs out there, giving you tons of options to earn your degree online.

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University’s online offers are ranked number one overall by Online Education Database, which is recognized as one of the leading ranking publications for online schools. Right now, this college’s offerings as far as PhD programs are limited, but you can take classes for a PhD in occupational therapy or physical therapy, as well as earn a doctorate in speech-language pathology through their online program.

Regent University

Another highly-ranked school by Online Education Database is Regent University. This is a religiously-affiliated college focusing on Christian-based programs, so it is not for everyone, but if you want a Phd in Bible studies, the history of global Christianity, or Christian theology, this is a college with online programs you should consider. Along with PhD programs, Regent University also offers a Doctor of Ministry program for students who want an advanced degree.

Remember, just because a program is ranked high doesn’t mean that it is right for you. Make a list of what you need in terms of education and check out as many schools as possible to find the online PhD program that is perfect for you. More and more schools are beginning to offer online PhD programs, so there’s no shortage of choices!

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