College Scholarships for Online PhD Programs

Are you entering an online PhD program? If so, you can get some help paying for the tuition through college scholarships. As an undergrad or master’s degree student, you may have used scholarships to help fund your education, and as a PhD student, the same holds true. Here’s the information you need to know to find some great online PhD college scholarships:

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships are given to students based on merit of some sort, like a high GPA, a specific talent, or a skill related to your field of study. Many scholarships also have other requirements you need to meet to qualify and most are competitive. The most general type of scholarship usually is awarded based on an essay you write, but at the PhD level, these are less common. Instead, you might want to look for fellowships. Most fellowships come attached to responsibilities like completing certain research projects while in school or serving as a teaching assistant.

Where to Find Scholarships

The first a biggest source of college scholarships for Online PhD students is colleges themselves. Almost all schools have scholarship programs specifically for their students, so sit down with a representative for your college’s financial aid department to learn about opportunities available to you. In addition, the government is also a large source of money for PhD students, with scholarship availability depending on your program of study. Lastly, outside organizations and companies often offer money to PhD students. Again, availability depends on your program of study.

Scholarships Opportunities

Here are just a few of the many organizations/companies that offer scholarships to online PhD students:

  • Open Society Foundations
  • The Institute for Middle East Studies
  • The Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Marie Keating Foundation
  • Microsoft
  • United Negro College Fund
  • Association for Women in Science

To find even more online PhD scholarships, search according to your degree program or other factors, such as your minority status, religion, or gender – scholarships are readily available in these and other areas. New scholarship programs are being started every day, so start your search with this government resource and remember to check back regularly to see the new funds being added.

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