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It’s no secret that one of the most crucial components of the United States keeping its status as an intelligent world power is the advancement or growth of the U.S. education system. With the pitfalls education at virtually every level is currently facing in America today, the need for not just quality educators, but quality educational leadership is ever present.

What is this degree/program of study about?

A variety of doctoral level degrees in education exist today. Among those: the PhD in professional studies in education, and the PhD in education. The latter holds many possible concentrations, including educational technology, early childhood education, and higher education, among other specialties. Virtually all of these opportunities offer students a chance to enact positive change and improve achievement amongst a variety of genres considered imperative to the improvement of the American educational model.

What does it take to earn this degree, and what will it result in for graduates?

A master’s degree – preferably in an educational format – is expected prior to entry to most PhD programs, although concurrent master’s and PhD programs do exist as well. Once admitted, students will study such curriculum as social change in education, development of the scholar practitioner, and theories of human development, among other topics. Those pursuing such a degree are often seeking post-secondary faculty positions, or consulting or leadership positions in educational or government settings. Entry-level median annual salaries between $47,000 and $53,000 ( exist for prospective tenure track professors.

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Featured Online PhD Degree Programs

A PhD is shorthand for Doctor of Philosophy. This degree is the most common type of doctorate degree in the United States, and is offered across a wide variety of subjects, including art, business, healthcare, science, and more. The schools listed below all offer accredited online PhD or other type of doctoral degree programs.

A Doctor of Education at Grand Canyon University helps professionals develop the insight and inspiration needed to take academic institutions to the next level of productivity and propensity. You will be taught by renowned leaders in topics reaching beyond areas of general focus by tackling complex topics centered on innovation and ethics.
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A Doctor of Education at Liberty University prepares people that are seeking positions in higher education by developing effective leaders who model high academic standards. A Doctor of Ministry provides students with the opportunity to reinforce and refine their ministry skills. Through this program you will gain a deeper understanding of biblical principles and strategies needed to effectively serve people.
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The Doctorate program in Global Business Leadership from the California InterContinental University helps students develop values that are needed into today's thriving global economy. A Doctorate in Management develops skills used in managing and developing techniques that motivate personnel to meet evolving organizational needs. The Doctorate program in Information Systems enables candidates to successfully apply information theory and principles to address real world business opportunities. A Doctorate program in Healthcare Management covers healthcare procedures and laws in great detail that currently challenge the health care industry.
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